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green The real story was never fully told

When it comes to EW the real story was never fully told.

If I had to quote the elements of other's posts to which my reply pertains I
would have had to quote most of this thread.

That is because EW has many frustrating things we would not just want to
take out but rather RIP out and throw over the shoulder. Yet it does continue
to make remarkable calls (at times).

It is time to let you all know that the story is changing for EW because for
the first time in 70 years there has been written a New Elliott Wave Rule.

That's right, a Breakthrough in Elliott Wave Rules.

I don't need to ask if you have ever had a count that was working perfect
and then surprised you because examples have already been given in this
thread. This frustration is everywhere in EW land.

There is a reason and it is the search RN Elliott was conducting but never
was able to resolve. This search was in his writings and the answer has come.

It is in the form of an actual RULE - meaning every wave cycle follows the
rule - it is not a guidelie.

I first discovered a numerical key that each wave generates and that led to
the New Elliott Wave Rule (NEWR). I published a book and have given it to the
trading world because this discovery is too important and EW should be the
flagship of technical analysis but instead suffers from a damaged reputation.

I absolutely love EW and you may just find you share that after you find out
how streamlined it is with the NEWR.

You may download the book free and without any email registrations or strings.

The New Elliott Wave Rule - Achieve Definitive Wave Counts

Hope this makes the difference for you.

TS Hennessy

PS. If mods think it is a good idea I can begin a thread to announce this
in Technical Analysis subforum.

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