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When i start this Thread Live there would be more than 100's of Hits daily.
Few things i want :=
1)Live chart posting facility for me,becoz i will never give any of my codes but Live commentary & Set ups,hence chart whenever required.
2) You have to ask for Contract Notes := I would post all Trade Contract Notes ,whenever required,those would be all of M/S Manshuk Securities (branch Kolkata/Barasat)mapping like that ,any trade of mine CAN BE MAPPED FROM NSE WEB SITE,backed with contract notes.(No EOD PAINTING IN METASTOCK where 1 should trade etc etc)
3)Any body posting Live Trades in this Thread ,except Jesse & Amarnath there is no one else here (as per my knowledge) doing trading by living ,hence HAS TO POST CONTRACT NOTES (whenever required).

Plz ensure the same before i start this thread.
To all members i am open to all type of queries after Mkt Hrs,why i took that trade,though i would give running commentary,no sir, no maska ,no Gr8 ,if we want to really learn plz do that seriously.


N.B.Can this be done that this thread would be invisible to any body until he/she logs in.

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