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rvlv 18-10-2011 09:57 PM

Dynamic ADR AFL-required code
Hi experts

We use average daily range(daily high and daily low for tracking trading opportunities.

Obviously you cant use a oneday average range.
here is the concept.
can somebody give it a afl form,please


the concept is

It computes yesterday's range (range= high - low),then
the previous 5day, 10day and 20 days ranges.

And it calculates the "Average Day Range" of these four ranges = (yesterday's+ Prev 5 Day Range + Prev 10 Day Range + Prev 20 Day Range)/4.
So, if yesterday's Day Range was 80, the Previous 5 Day Range was 110, the Previous 10 Day Range was 90 and the Previous 20 Day Range was 120, then the Average Day Range would be 100.
ADR is similar to weighted Day Range.

the trading method is just wait for price to breakout above weadrhi or weadrlow on a price chart and go with tight stoploss.
weadrhi=weighted adr hi
some hints
double AvgDayRange(int nth_day)
double R1,R5,R10,R20;
int i;

R1 = (iHigh(NULL,PERIOD_D1,nth_day)-iLow(NULL,PERIOD_D1,nth_day));
for(i=0;i<5;i++) R5 = R5 + (iHigh(NULL,PERIOD_D1,nth_day+i)-iLow(NULL,PERIOD_D1,nth_day+i));
for(i=0;i<10;i++) R10 = R10 + (iHigh(NULL,PERIOD_D1,nth_day+i)-iLow(NULL,PERIOD_D1,nth_day+i));
for(i=0;i<20;i++) R20 = R20 + (iHigh(NULL,PERIOD_D1,nth_day+i)-iLow(NULL,PERIOD_D1,nth_day+i));

R5 = R5/5;
R10 = R10/10;
R20 = R20/20;


plot price
plot weighted adr hi and lo lines on same chart

one question
if we take an average of past 36days hi and lo,range avrage,we must get adr as given above-i feel this it correct?

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