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  23. Insync Indicator
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  25. can someone code this strategy for me?
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  27. Elliott Wave Time cycle
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  30. CTA Style Trend Following - X Asset Futures
  31. Pivot Candle Trading System
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  34. Free Ixbone Forex Price Action Indicator
  35. Free Ixbone Forex Trend Catcher Indicator
  36. can some one compile this wonderful indicator for me??
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  39. How To Use Indicators In Intraday Trading
  40. Free Strategy Framework w/o scripts + Backtesting
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  42. Customizing Indicators
  43. please convert mt4 to afl
  44. Adapting End-of-Day Indicators for Intraday Trading
  45. CHAID
  46. wolfe Waves AFL Scanner / Exploration
  47. Worst Indicator in choppy market
  48. ICM Trading System
  49. Elliott Wave Intraday Method - Profit for 6th May 2011
  50. An Indicator Guide to Enter, Exit the Markets
  51. Expert Advisor. MT Indicator. Forex Software. MQL4 Coding.
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  53. Combining Price Patterns and Indicator Clues
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  57. Help me in finding this formula. Working great.
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  60. Applying Indicators Not Based on Price
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  63. Using Indicator Clues to Find Opportunities in Stocks
  64. Need Urgent help from seniors
  65. Are We Interested To Build As A Team
  66. Junk junction
  67. Which is the best trading system/Indicator for Amibroker??
  68. Short-term Indicators That Can Lead to Long-Term Profits
  69. does someone has this indicator for me , cant find one .
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  71. Floor Trading Pivots to Excel
  72. Req Help to code afl for special osccilator
  73. Help in Converting AFL code to MT4 (metatrader)
  74. HEAT MAP
  75. InSync Index (net result of n indicators)
  76. Modelling Challenge: The Prime Number Strategy
  77. Using Pattern Recognition to Find Tops and Bottoms
  78. Forexeasynow System
  79. req:Adaptive Walk-Forward Neural Networks
  80. When and where to enter and exit positions
  81. Capitalizing on Longer-term Position Trades
  82. Using Indicators to Identify Swing Trading Opportunities
  83. Managing a Trading Position in an Ongoing Trend
  84. How Indicators Get the Most Out of Swing Trading
  85. Using Indicators to Trade Key Reports
  86. Average traded Price System = AFL
  87. Which combination of indicators helps detect immediate move
  88. daryl guppy GMMA
  89. Deciphering Short-term Price Forecasts to Make Trading Decisions
  90. Trading Today's Hottest Markets with Indicators
  91. Double DI System
  92. Afl with colored chart space as per trend
  93. Using Indicators to Find Entry and Exit Points
  94. DTOscillator system
  95. Req New generation afl coding
  96. Commodity Trading Systems
  97. Quantitative Trading
  98. Experiments/R&D Redefined
  99. 2-Period RSI(SCO)
  100. Thermostat Trading Strategy
  101. Short-term Trading That Can Produce Big-Time Profits
  102. Price Channel Tops
  103. Kicking Moving Averages into a Higher Gear
  104. Nifty 5-Mins 34-EMA Crossover
  105. Breakout Method - Scalping Intraday Method
  106. Req:TTM trend squeeze bricks pivots for amibroker
  107. 5 Min Intraday Strategy using SMA Angular Trading System
  108. The Magic Indicator
  109. Electroniclocal
  110. How to use SQL Commands in Excel
  111. Calculating VIX in Excel
  112. Some useful codes
  113. Scalping Setups
  114. Guppy Count Back Trailing Stock Loss Trailing Stop Loss Trading System
  115. RSI Signal (Buy\Sell Indicator)
  116. Ideas for trading systems - AFL Example
  117. Time Distribution of Day High/Low
  118. How many indicator/s is optimum?
  119. Fibonacci Pivots Compiled.
  120. What is the reasonable slippage for nifty futures
  121. What do you think for this trailing stop strategy?
  122. % Price change (MQ4)
  123. Volume Spread Analysis Indicator (MQ4)
  124. Fishernet
  125. Scalping setup for Jobbers
  126. "The Tunnel" : Scalping Strategy for Nifty/Indian Mkts
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  128. Systems and Indicators I like
  129. Charts with Non-Working Indicators
  130. A thread about Backtesting
  131. A good 5 min/15 min system
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  133. Trend Manager in Amibroker
  134. A Easy to follow Trading System for Kid to Pro - Trend Manager
  135. unbelievable strategy just 8% dd
  136. intraday strategy shocking report
  137. ORB system with report
  138. Observations in System Testing
  139. Study of Gap Efficiency for Directional Bias
  140. JFC Entry Point
  141. Stochastic 5,3,3, divergence AFL.....ww's identification
  142. Strategy Development Mindmap
  143. Request for trading system afl code streamlining
  144. Oscar Oscillator
  145. Jurik Moving Average Strategies in Tradestation
  146. MT4 indicators by TheRumpledOne
  147. Trading Axioms
  148. Importance of Modelling Commission and Slippages - A Reality Check
  149. Elementry guidelines to indicators - The basics to the end!!
  150. Gartley Patterns
  151. An Introduction and End to candle stick analysis
  152. An Introduction and end to Pivots
  153. Trade with heikin ashi
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  155. RSI with Zerolag
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