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  1. Monkey Business Illusion
  2. How to read the market
  3. How To Handle Loses
  4. Sex + Meditation for Trading? Are these helpful!
  5. Wisdom snaps, videos and morale stories for traders
  6. What not to do to succeed in trading
  7. Dealing with the Social Stigmas of Trading
  8. Wisdom quotes on living
  9. What is the hardest aspect to overcome in trading? Emotion?
  10. Trading Goals Tracker
  11. Deep Water of Doing
  12. Should I quit Trading?
  13. The Mechanics of Losing Trades
  14. Regret in Trading
  15. Controlling Emotions
  17. Precautions before going for Gold trading on a good scale
  18. The Main reason Why Forex Traders Fails.
  19. Trading Burnout
  20. Help each other traders
  21. Trading Psychology Videos
  22. Conquering Your Emotions
  23. Who am I?
  24. Why not to trade
  25. Chicken Sexing and Trading
  26. What is your ritual
  27. This guy was loosing money trading but now he begins a changed way
  28. And then that trader stopped trading... why??
  29. Switches .... Martin Lindkvist
  30. The Dunning-Kruger Effect
  31. How much is enough ?
  32. Basic trading mistakes
  33. Trading Hazards
  34. How to Develop Confidence to Trade Profitably
  35. Who will you call a successful trader?
  36. counting and counted
  37. Professionalism (in correct sense)
  38. The Black Swan Theory
  39. What went right?
  40. Why do people Choke?
  41. 5 Steps To Becoming A Stock Market Guru
  42. be an amateur in the market.
  43. Anger Management Tips
  44. How to lose money in the stock market ...
  45. A Video Interview with Mark Douglas
  46. The 5 Steps to becoming a trader
  47. Why Can't We Be Right More Often?
  48. Is day trading right for you?
  49. How much experience do members have?
  50. Wisdom of a Boy
  51. The 40-30-30 Rule: Why Risk Is Worth It
  52. Perfectionism
  53. Trading Quotes
  54. Reasons why People Lose Money in the Stock Market
  55. Help Him Pull The Trigger !!
  56. Loss Aversion
  57. Thought for the day
  58. Reading Kafka Improves Learning
  59. Courage
  60. Psychology & Behavioral Finance
  61. Super Trader Mind Map
  62. A"map" for the trading jungle
  63. Spiritual Abode
  64. Should you Trade Today
  65. Trader IQ Test
  66. Trader's diary - Inspiration
  67. Thinking like a Trader
  68. Why some Make It
  69. Action vs. Activity
  70. Should : The most dangerous word
  71. LEFT Brain Trading
  72. Believe you CAN succeed and you WILL
  73. Amateur vs Pro Thinking
  74. Mind over Market , a video interview with Mark Douglas
  75. How to convert from a losing trader to a Winning One
  76. 10-Year Rule To Become An Expert
  77. Trading vs Other Professions
  78. Overthinking a Decision
  79. What is your ritual
  80. Career Development for Traders
  81. Have I chosen my system of trading ?
  82. OODA in Indian markets
  83. Real-Life Trading Experiences
  84. Cricket & Trading
  85. Believe in yourself
  86. Master the brain Master the trade
  87. Mindset of a newbie...