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  1. Efficient Ratio Kaufman
  2. Daily candlestick chart overlaid on the Weekly price chart (Opposite of normaloverlay
  3. How to find Stdev from multipe arrays value at each bar
  4. Elliot Wave - TD D wave - need help converting from MQ4 to AFL
  5. new yahoo-volume
  6. 3-10 Momentum Oscillator
  7. MetaTrader change to Amibroker
  8. Scan in 5Min Code
  9. AFL code needed - Nifty Tading System
  10. Last Close Candle Time difference (1min. and 1hour)
  11. Seeking for your help
  12. Drawing line without loop
  13. Moving stops manually in a semi-automated system
  14. Adding 30 seconds periodicity to backtester
  15. why point and figure charting is not famous ?
  16. help regarding point and figure afl
  17. help needed in plotting arrows
  18. Help Needed - Supertrend v5.0 for Weekly
  19. AFL for candle volume and equivolume chart
  20. want to select symbol list from site but cant copy paste
  21. Plotting from SQL into Amibroker
  22. Hello, I am getting error
  23. save average as a costant to be reused
  24. Trade Setups
  25. Help Needed - How to plot RSI color ribbon
  26. Weiss Wave Indicator
  27. How to find number of trading days between 2 dates
  28. identify trendline breakouts
  29. Help To correct this Code
  30. Overlay Rsi Diffrent TimeFrame
  31. Ineed code for This pattern for amibroker
  32. How can I find the following code ؟
  33. How do I add a column in EMA Automatic Analysis
  34. Help Needed to Convert Codes from Metastock To Amibroker
  35. Need help for drawing horizontal lines
  36. Future mid line
  37. Centered moving average help
  38. Display day EMA value on intraday chart
  39. PL DOT AFL
  40. Display 10 second TF value in 1 minute chart
  41. AFL help - How to find future date & value using valuewhen
  42. Fibonacci for two manually selected point
  43. Amibroker Question Wizard
  44. Pl. correct Amibroker code which distorts chartview.
  45. Help needed for MTF EMA
  46. Anyone have this afl?(bollinger bond and rsi)
  47. Anyone have this afl?
  48. Martingale Trading system
  49. How To Get Intraday data from yahoo /google
  50. I have a query regarding hacking....!!!!
  51. Want to Purchase Amibroker but how??
  52. Add Row - new afl function
  53. Format conversion and AFL Development
  54. AFL 2 DLL Easier method
  55. need help in afl creation
  56. AFL Error 61
  57. Murrey Math Lines By Gann
  58. Triangle Recognition AFLs
  59. Please Help Required 2
  60. Bollinger Band Squeeze Scan/Exploration
  62. Beta Alpha
  63. Amibroker Candlestick scanner
  64. Stock Pattern AFL Scan for Amibroker
  65. Hull with Candle
  66. How to code Time of the day conditions?
  67. Help in change of signal in AFL where daily buy or sell signal generated
  68. Moving average Tilson
  69. Intraday backtesting
  70. Need Amibroker 6 or 6.1
  71. How to get interday&EOD Forex data of Amibrokerfor free ?
  72. Tick Timer/Counter AFL
  73. zigzag based on points
  74. How to show percentage beside close price ?
  75. How to write data from Ami to Excel
  76. Kauffman's Adaptive RSI
  77. Bigger Timeframe Smaller Timeframe
  78. SIP
  79. How to bring bigger frame arrows to smaller frame ?
  80. Excel calculation Macros ( My Actual Question)
  81. Plot signal on close of candle
  82. Price Candle or Line ? ( need help please )
  83. RSI/MACD/CCI/STOCH trading system
  84. Relative Vigour Index ( RVI )
  85. help me color
  86. help me with exploration to this afl ???
  87. Delivrey/Trading Volume indicator - coding help
  88. Better MACD (My first made indicator) - Get it NOW
  89. I need digital afl with exploration ????
  90. help in write afl
  91. How to HH LL ?
  92. How to find OHLC of first 75min bar
  93. Need Help industry index
  94. MarketFacilitationIndex with periods
  95. Gapfinder LookUp
  96. How to limit max entry in a day or week?
  97. Amibroker and daylight saving
  98. Zerolag Zigzag (Metatrader to Amibroker)
  99. Amibroker for Forex
  100. Different volume panels for same security
  101. Backtesting Pyramiding Strategy in amibroker
  102. Amibroker error
  103. HOW to plot HH/HL/LH/LL in ribon form in AB ???
  104. RSI Of Volume
  105. AFL basic framework
  106. Initialize variables only once at start of AFL script
  107. Continuous Buy/Sell signals by AFL
  108. Code help for 1% change in price, similar to point and figure
  109. Alert
  110. NeoCloud:Any one tried?
  111. how to use DayOfWeek() ??
  112. SlingShot Method
  113. Harmonic AB CD with prz code translation needed
  114. Developer for Auto Trading Plugin, Amibroker to NEST
  115. How to add Buy/Sell Arrow in Jimberg Trading System
  116. If it is possible for this AFL to not repainted or look for future
  117. Build multiple indicator window
  118. need amibroker afl to plot high/low of 1st weekly bar of the month.
  119. SuperADX MQ4 into AFL please ?
  120. CycleIdentifier MQ4 code into AFL ?
  121. How to trade with Triple Trend Oscillator
  122. AMI afls
  123. Daily Box Line
  124. Price and Vol Exploration
  125. need little bit help for translation
  126. Pls Support this V V Imp.
  127. Symbols Text Tool GFX -Big Fonts Text
  128. Trading Mean Reversion
  129. Vendors Offering Auto Trading Plugin for Amibroker + NEST
  130. please help me i need Elliot Wave afl code
  131. afl writer needed
  132. need help to convert metastock formula into amibroker afl
  133. Half Hourly Hi Lo
  134. Help need - Volume wave
  135. Help needed to correct amibroker P&f afl
  137. how to code first 15 min bar of the day?
  138. Any AFL for computing value appreciation ?
  139. Charting - background color
  140. how to make big buy sell arrows
  141. AutoTrade Control For NEST/NOW for Amibroker
  142. supertrend 60 min in 5 min charts
  143. Full candle above/below 20EMA
  144. Time-out stop loss
  145. weekly and monthly pivots in intra day charts
  146. Stop loss from last high
  147. IMP indicator convert to afl?
  148. Modified Renko for Amibroker
  149. plzz correct this afl
  150. MultiTimeFrame Exploration in TIMERANGE
  151. how to make different buy conditions for pos==0 and pos>0
  152. AFL to find wrong Data
  153. Buy every step down from MA
  154. Heat Map AFL Help needed
  155. Inside Outside Inside Bar Exploration
  156. Hull MA Change Color
  157. Hikkake Pattern AFL needed
  158. Add to the equation request
  159. any help
  160. How Best Probability Density & Gaussian Distribution afl could be Interpreted
  161. Help me...I need AFL in inmage ?
  162. Natraj EOD Tech Chart
  163. how to write martiangle strategy in AMIBROKER
  165. how to call day high/ day low from intraday data
  166. Security Chart in Pane
  167. Holy Grail Formulas
  168. Help My MACD Condition AFL
  169. Help my simple AFL please
  170. intraday scalping system -
  171. Cannot import data from excel
  172. Kagi explorer for Amibroker
  173. How to find the high in the first half hour
  174. AFL HELP ....price cross over 200 ema
  175. need help for afl writing
  176. How to set exit based on risk?
  177. Anyone can help me convert this MQ4 to AFL?
  178. AFL for Double Bottom and Double Top
  179. VWAP Help required
  180. AFL help required
  181. Ribbon AFL - help need
  182. Send me your valuable Amibroker AFL, I will protect it in a minute
  183. Plotting arrow & text over volume bar
  184. Stock Quote Page
  185. Pattern Recognition software
  186. about KBL Auto signals software
  187. Fractal
  188. Unable to trace FORMAT files while importing data!
  189. is 1year 1min ieod data for 100 symbols too heavy for amibroker RT usage?
  190. Activate Stops immediately not working
  191. AFL assistance needed for strategy
  192. difference between rc & beta versions of amibroker
  193. How to access bar arrays in actionPortfolio mode
  194. MP in ABCD format or with brackets
  195. marubuzo candle trading automation request
  196. alfrasha.harmonic.analyzer.for.amibroker
  197. Automatic symbol changer with delay
  198. Is it Possible to have backfill from User's computer and Real time data from Server
  199. mera mt4 data plugin
  200. Multi timeframe in Amibroker
  201. My Magical System
  202. Help Requested for simple AFL
  203. Shubha scanner
  204. Chart style buttons
  206. Please help
  207. Referencing variables in custom inidcators for AmiBroker Exploration
  208. Turning Points
  209. stock - clbey -- indicator
  210. Previous Day High Low Chart Setup
  211. TSL Modified Inverse Fisher Transform RSI -- Boosted RSI
  212. Effective Volume - Help please
  213. volume cANDL
  214. AFL for Hawkeye
  215. Kltner Channel AFL with H.ASHI
  216. Help with coding
  217. Hourly Breakout AFL - Help Needed
  218. Thomas Demark Sequential TSOlution
  219. Need a bit help with AFL for EMA crossover
  220. adviser cum proffesional afl coder needed
  221. afl help plz !!
  222. VIX
  223. Need AFL code for simple intra day stratergy
  224. Renko charts
  225. Please help me one
  226. Smoothed RSI 10 min Chart
  227. Heiken Ashi System
  228. Swing Trading With Three Indicators
  229. Better (& Best) Volume Indicator for Amibroker
  230. ami backtesting report
  231. Support/Resistance finder
  232. vwap and average trade price afl
  233. Post your trades screen shot...
  234. Can any one add Explore function and Explain the code working
  235. How to insert delay - Please help
  236. Anyone can help me change this MQ4 to AFL?
  237. Adaptive RSI
  238. anybody have this afl
  239. pl edit this AFL
  240. Need to start real time data feed business - Need help
  242. Help with Rsi(2) for backtesting
  243. AMibroker Backtesting
  244. Zigzag buy sell AFL
  245. afl help plz !!
  246. System based on TEMA
  247. Wavetrend with Buy-sell arrows
  248. SuperTrend for Amibroker
  249. Anybody have ASC TREND AFL
  250. Volatility Trading System